Belloi e Romagnoli S.r.l. was established in Modena in 1950.According to the foundation members, the main goal of the company is to become established on the foundry market with its own machinery. The first simple machines were pouring ladles, immediately followed by the first rotating mullers for the preparation of green sand.

During the 70’s and the 80’s a plain change in foundry took place both in Italy and abroad. Modern foundry requested advanced technology.

Thanks to its pressing requests, Belloi & Romagnoli made further progresses. During those years there was the production of P series intensive mullers, which meant a great increase in productivity, and of BRAP series hydraulic moulding machines, which already allowed a notable automation and reliability in moulding.

The new H Series hydraulic mixer units, unique throughout the world, the “MULTIPRESS” multi-piston squeeze head moulding machines, the TDR series cooling drums for sand and casting and last but not least the GSC automatic systems for sand control are today the best that technology can offer.

Belloi & Romagnoli, today, is a company with high professionalism, able to design and build quality machines, plants and equipment; where quality for us means “the Italian know-how", result of the work of generations of technicians, handed down and improved over time.


  • Automatic moulding plants: up to 240 moulds/h
  • BRAP Multipress multi-head moulding machines
  • COMPACT moulding machine ( air impact + squeeze )
  • Complete green sand preparation plants
  • P series intensive mixers from 10 to 36 t/h
  • H series intensive mixers from 36 to 150 t/h
  • TDR Sand and casting cooling drums from 30 to 300 t/h
  • Automatic bond determinators for the control of compactability, green strength, moisture, bentonite (GSC)
  • Sand coolers from 25 to 150 t/h
  • Cold-blast cupolas and loading systems
  • Automatic molten metal transport overhead cranes
  • Every kind and size of ladles